Church is not a Cruise Ship... it's a Battleship!
All hands on deck!

Too often, church is viewed from the perspective of 'what can I get' rather than 'what can I give'.
Jesus taught and demonstrated that our lives are to be lived from a standpoint of service. The church is build upon two pillars: Loving God and Loving People. We love God by growing in our relationship with Him and in community with others. We love people by serving them. In order for the Church to make the biggest impact in our community, we need EVERYONE serving in the areas where God has called and gifted them. We want to help. Join our NEXT STEPS class and we'll help you discover your place here at Wills Creek. Already attended NEXT STEPS? Join the CREW! And if you're not plugged into a small group, click the link below to find one that's right for you!